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deep sea fishing 1770


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we arrived at the boat in harvey bay on thursday night.with a few drinks and some words of wisdom from the skipper, we were off on a 6 hour cruise out to the continental shelf

(80 mile east of 1770).

we woke up about 5am ready for some awsome fishing. however it wasn't gonna be like the last trip. a few hours into it and we had only bagged some mixed reef, nothing of great size. most were getting trown back.

as moved from spot to spot we trowled a couple of pushers.i was keeping a close eye on the rods when one started to scream off. i rushed over, picked it up, tightened the drag

and i was on. in the distance was a dolphin fish doing some nice aerial displays.

my adrenalin was pumping as this was my first dolphin fish. got him to the boat and the deckie pulled him onboard, my legs were shaking with excitement and arms, a bit worse for wear. i was stoked, it measured 1.4 meters, with a few pics from everyone it was back to bottom bashing.

every time i managed to hook up to something big a shark would come along and decide it was his lunch (very frustrating)

next day was much the same, alot of fish caught but nothing to rave about.

except for the skipper landing a big red. would have weighed 15-20kg, and i managed a

teraglin jew which could be a F.O.T.M entry.

so all in all we had a great, time drunk lots of piss, bought home a feed of fish and 2 PB's.

gonna do it again soon (hopefully get some bigger ones next time)

pics are coming.

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