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Brisbane Kayak Fishing Club 2nd trip


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For those of you interested in being involved in the Brisbane Kayak Fishing Club

Thieved from a post by Biggles!

Club Trip No.2 (Date Set)

The next club trip has been chosen for Saturday 10th October 2009, launching at 0700hrs at the Uhlmann Road boat ramp on the Caboolture River, with a view to being back at the club grounds at 1230pm for a BBQ lunch and a yarn.

Additional info.

The Brisbane Kayak Fishing Club is a subset of the Caboolture River Boat Club (CRBC), operating under their rules and regs (and membership). There is no separate fees for being part of the Kayak club, you just need to join the CRBC. The fees are normally $40 a year, but as it is the last quarter (membership runs on calendar year) fees to cover the remaining part of the year is $10.

Note - the club grounds are about 1k back up Uhlmann road from the boat ramp.

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Ok, with the windy forecast and other commitments thinning the ranks, we were down on numbers from last time. There were 12 yaks on the water today, (possibly a couple more late comers) with a couple of other members showing up to see the launch / have a feed after the event. Biggles hurt his shoulder loading up, so was only a spectator today.

Having struck out going up river on Thursday, and with the tide slack when we launched I figured on going down and working the banks around the mouth before the tide started running to hard, while the sandbanks around the mouth offered some protection from all the white horses galloping across the bay. Plenty of others went the same way.

The conditions were quite pleasant until about 11ish, then the wind got up a little more (good on ya seabreeze, prediction was for it to drop!) and the sand banks went under allowing the swell from the bay to come in to the mouth. Nothing dangerous, but getting a little uncomfortable and hard to paddle in to. Also by that stage I was sick of watching the pelicans eating 30-40cm fish all around me while I was not getting a touch on the lures! So I went back in to the river proper to get away from the wind and swell. (and those dang pelicans!).

Fished another 45 minutes or so then called it a day. Most of us went back up to the boat club and had a BBQ and a yarn. A great day had by myself, even if the only thing I caught was a pike!








packing up










Finally my track and stats for today. Just under 7k.


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Yep another great morning, until I hurt the neck and shoulder loading up this morning :ohmy: I did head down to the ramp with the camera to see Feral fall in again but seems that didn't happen either. Had a top barbie at the club at lunch time and it was great to see some new faces.

Just looking forward to next month now B)


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