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Maiden canoe trip, Lytton & 2 lost rods!


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I set out for the maiden voyage in my Kingfisher Canoe that I bought from geo57 on Sunday (thanks George, I'm stoked with it!). I was amazed at how quickly we could paddle the canoe loaded up with 2 guys, a besa block (as a last minute anchor), cast net and fishing gear!

We took off from the end of Howard-Smith Dr at Lytton and headed just down river towards the tug boat wharves. Being too keen to get in the water, we left cast netting livies for later in the day and drift fished near the wharves with lures and prawns.

First cast in and only a moment later with a prawn something pretty heavy began stripping line. It took off pretty quickly and took me a good five minutes before I could make back any line (10kg braid on a 6-8kg rod). After a solid fight & judging by the kicking feel, I was hoping it might be a snapper - I was a bit disappointed to pull in my second big stingray for the week (still the biggest 2 fish I have landed so far in the Brissy river!).

Over the next few hours we moved back up the river towards Lytton park, but only managed to catch a few slightly undersized bream. We got back in around lunchtime, lacking any decent fish but primed for the next session out in the water.

I put my new rod and my only other old rod on the grass in the car park before putting the canoe on the roof. Unfortunately this is where they stayed, as stupidly I forgot to put them in the car and drove home without them. It wasn't until later in the afternoon, that I got that horrible thought of leaving something and drove back out in the hope that they might be there. Sure enough gone.

If on the unlikely chance that anyone reading this picked them up, I would overwhelmingly grateful to get them back and would offer a considerable reward!

Rod & reel was a Shimano Catana and Daiwa Cy.4000 reel (2 weeks old), with braid and mono leader. Not sure on the models of the older rod and reel. They were left on the grass in the car park marked below.

I was planning to save my first post on the forum for my first really good fish, but hoping I might be really lucky here and get my gear back!! location-20091005.jpg

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