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Buying A 2nd Hand Boat - Top 10 Things To Check 4?


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Hey everyone,

If you were a boating novice, and were looking to inspect a 2nd hand boat prior to purchase, what would be the top 10 things you would look for?

This information would be greatly appreciated.

Depending on replies might even try and make some sort of published check list to help AFO members in the future!



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that would depend on if your looking for a tinny or fbreglas boat.

FOR hulls look for

Fibreglass. - Soft floors and transom. Indicate rot.

hull cracks splits ect. look for broken welds on tinnies and cracks in fibreglass.

Revs check on both types of boats. ensures its not emcumbered or stolen.

A water test is a good indicator if the hull takes on any water.


general appearence and tidieness

see if the tell tail is pumping good quantities of water.

compression test

take for a water test. Some motors idle alright but under load have no power can indicate a number of problems.

compliance plate on hull is the motor overrated for the hul. this can affect insurance.


Does everything work

Is all the electrics tidy.


Is it appropriate for the size boat being loaded on it.



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HAHAHAHA Kevvie! crack up :laugh: LMFAO

what i do

1.take note of the house and equipment. is it all neat and tidy? a good indicator.

2.check out his wife or girl friend. hahaha

3.suss out the trailer b4 hopping in the boat, wheel sizes, spare? couplings, tie downs, jockey wheels, look at the general condition.

4.sus out what electronic's are fitted and how old they are! disconnect electrical cabling, where possible, eg sounders and gps's. look for corrosion in the ends. not much good if fittings are stuffed.

5.lighting??? what lights are fitted, and where, do they actually work.

6.stubbie holders, ooops i mean rod holders! are they where you can use them realistically. eg not gunna fly out going across a bar? just an example, can more than 3 beers be safe, i mean can 3 rods be trolled at the samt time ??

7.for tiller steer versions, look for rusty old bolts at the bottom of the powerhead, and for 20/25 hp merc's. port side, rear of motor, there is a plate that is common for corrosion, so if it looks bad. it prob is.

8. engine, hmmmm! prop is in relatively good nick? if new, check gear box oil, might have had a big hit, and gives you a chance to see how the seal is. and be a lil sus on engines that have been serviced offen, or just been serviced, i'm not saying bon't buy them, just be wary of them.

9. try to see a boat b4 it's cleaned up so you see how it was actually cared for.

and 10. if ya not bloody sure about what your looking at. just yell out. ppl here are only to willing to help out others as most already know......

cheers rob

damn !!! need a beer now after all that!

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