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My Moreton Bay Wind Map


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Hello Fisho's

I would like to share my baywind website which shows you the current windspeed information around Moreton bay.


only available using internet explorer at the moment.

support for firefox, safari , iphones/ mobile access cooming soon (approx 2 weeks).

happy fishing enjoy!



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In the first post it says all browsers , pda, iphones and mobiles will be supported in approx 2 weeks??

The site is currently under development and I have provided the link as a preview

If you dont have ie then checkout



which are completed.... :)


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sehrguht wrote:

Are they quality controlled?

BOM already does weather conditions for Peel, the airport, inner beacon, Redcliffe and a bunch of others, do you have more to add or maybe bay swell size?

Data is taken from BOM and placed on a map, which is easy to read without going over a bunch of text, also with some nice graphs etc, tide information, swells, weather, berometer etc.

It will also include mobile access (text pg or web pg) so data can be easily read while out on the water.

It's very customisable, I am doing this in my spare time and I am happy to recieve suggestion & improvements for the site.



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ken browns coastwatch is 1 of the best weather sites it gives you 1;current swell height,direction and water temp from the wave rider bouys. 2;current wind direction ,strength and 72 hr history from 3 bay wind stations and 6 along the se qld coast. 3;the latest bom predictions. 4;synoptic charts. 5;weather radars. 6;tide times for qld

this is the 1 i most use to plan my fishing trips


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Cool I'm glad you can find it usefull.

Still on the todo list:

* Swell information & graphs

* fix up links etc, eg bay and coast cameras.

* MouseOverHover Tooltip popup for other Tide Locations

* MouseOverHover Tooltip popup for Moon dates Full/New moon etc.

If there is anything else you can add, something you would like to see on the site please let me know.

I'm happy to help out.

D-extremex :)

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