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Took my rod for another walk.


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Working on the theory that bass come on the chew just before a storm I decided to take my rod for a bit of a walk along my favorite pathway yesterday arvo.

By the time I got there the storms had all gone but what the heck I am here anyhow.

Had 10 small shrimp and caught 8 bass and 2 spangled in the space of 30 minutes.

No size but good to catch a few.


Tried for a while with different lures with no result but got the thinking cap on and thought fish may be down deeper so switched to a small spinnerbait and hopped it along the bottom.( too many snags to risk a bibless) and another 6 smallish but feisty bass.


Just on dusk they went off the chew so switched back to lures and picked up another 4 till I lost my sx40 when I tried to lift a big ( over 40 ) one up the bank .


The mozzies were starting to get to me so I packed it in after a very successful trip.



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thanks ray you have given me a great idea!

there are a few creeks and dams i come across while motorbike riding through the tamborine area! and one of them leads strait to the beenleigh weir!

so i thaught while reading your thread ive got a lure rod a sx40 or 2 and a bike to get me there so whats stopping me!

strap the rod to the front forks and the lures in the bag and im off!

i will try my luck on sun for an hr and see how i go?

cheers for the great idea ray!


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