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it had to happen sooner or later!

glad that wasn't me.

i was watching a fishing show once, one of the guys got a treble in his leg, the reporter got some line, twirled it up and put the loop over one of the exsposed hooks,

and yanked it out, looked good but you could see the pain in his eye's.

there's safety hazard's where ever you go!!!!!

hope it's not to sore jimmy!!!!

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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

that was the text to me to take him to hospital...

NOOO sympathy from me at all!!

and the funniest part of the night was James telling the DR this was the worse thing that had happened to him during fishing, until I corrected him and reminded him of the catfish, of the bullet in the foot, etc etc the list goes on!! :laugh:

but guys he was very brave at the hospital! Not!

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noname wrote:

WAIT UNTIL THAT HAPPENS AGAIN except it's a live bait hook , and it goes through a fingernail. :laugh: . now that sh!t aint funny. as i was preparin rigs at home, not even on the water :(

rob, do the rigs then drink beer not the other way around !!! lol

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I had something similar happen when i was switching trebles on my lures... i took some pics but seem to have lost them, had to push the whole hook through so the barb would come out, cut it with a pair of pliers and then slid the hook out... had a couple of beers before i did that though... luckily it wasn't too deep

didn't want to go into the local ED as I work there and could just imagine all the laughs. I would have gone if it was a used hook.. don't know what bugs are in there and you always need a tetanus and a good clean if its a used hook.

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yes..ouch :blink:

the bass were biting too! managed to land 1 first cast and the second did this to me..yep it was dark and i lipped him..he shook and pinned me back!!

my thumb and index finger had a point each off the same treble so i couldnt open my friggin hand!!

drove to kiwis and he managed to pull the one out from my thumb..he did have a go at the index finger..gave it a big rip..and didnt even budge..thought kiwi was gunna pass out!

what hurt most was the needles the dpctor gave me! jeez! they hurt!...finger all good now thou..not even sore :)

i now have crushed all my barbs..dont want to go thru that again..

and it was last mal florence lure too..kiwi had to cut the back of it off to get to the treble...so zero bass mastas! :(

thanx for helping me kiwi..and thanx to the missus for laughing at me! :P

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