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Going to have a fick for flatties - Advice Please


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Ok so Im planing on heading down to the spit on saturday afternoon / night to try for some flathead. I will be fishing anywhere from the start of the rock wall at the seeway around to the broadwater carpark from the beach.

I have caught plenty there on pilchards in the past but this time I'm not taking bait :unsure: !!!

I finally made my first lure purchases this week I got 2 hard bodies that the boys down at mossops woolongabba recommended to me

I have a coupe of questions that I probably should have asked when buying the lures but im looking to try soak up as much advice before i head off tomorrow and hopefully for once i will have something to report (lots of fishing lately but no reporting!)

1. Are hard bodies effective at night?

2. If so will flathead take a lure at night?

3. What would you recommend as the best way to work a lure for flathead?

4. Whats th most effective way of attaching a lure to the main line? I was thinking of running a 15LB Leader to the 12LB Main line

So yeah any other tips would be apreciated :)

FYI I am running a 7' Steve Sterling Squidgy Soft plastic rod ~5kg with a Shimanno Symetre 2500FJ Spooled with 12LB quality mono - I have purchased some 10LB Braid online this week but it has not turned up yet! Was hoping to be running that but im gonna have a crack anyway.

Hoping to end my drought :woohoo:



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Gday mate. Yes flatties take lures at night. both hardbodies and soft plastics. my best advice for catching them at night though is to use soft plastics around bridges with light shining in the water. this attracts baitfish which in turn attracts predators. an 85mm squidgy flickbait in flash prawn colour on a TT one eighth jighead will do the trick.. just beware, jacks love these plastics too and inhabit the same areas around bridges at night too. good luck and all the best. try the bridges around bundall on a run out tide at night.

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water round the spit and rockwall might be a bit deep.

Better of hitting the sand flats with drop offs, flatty sit round the drop offs on outgoing tide waiting for the bait fish to leave the bar.

The edge of sea grass beds is good too.

No use using a hb for flatty if you got a shallow diver in 3 m of water, deep lures for 2 meters of water and shallow lures for around 1 meter and under.


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flat head feed at night and smash deep diving lures. the way to use it is to get it down really deep and make sure it is kicking up sand. but the most efective lures for flatties are soft plastics 3-4 inch golp or powerbaits shades. the way to use them is to cast it out let it sink and hop it along the bottom stop every 2 or 3 hopes and what a few seconds. dont underestemat were flatties will sit iv cort them in a foot of water. u will usuilly get the better flatties aroung rock walls but it has to b on the bottom.

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