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BLUE FIN Wrangler


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Hi My name is Anhie and im new to the boating world.

I am thinking of buying a blue fin wrangler side console. IF anyone has owned a blue fin boat before could i get some feed back on the good and the bads. I will be mainly be doing estury fishing and around the bay. I wont be going anywhere off shore.

ALso i am wondering does anyone have any feed back on whether to go a mercury 60hp big foot 4 stroke or a 60 hp honda.

Also if anyone has any other side conole boats for the 30g or below i am open to offers.

Any help muchly appreciated.

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For info and advice talk to Mick or Theo at Coorparoo marine both reputable and honest with no bullsh,

re merc 4 stroke i have a 2004 50 hp efi 4 stroke ex house boat and over 1700 hours and still going strong. Compression equal in all cylinders. It has has a gearbox rebuild just before I brought it due to a length of barb wire being wrapped around prop.Hadnt used it for 3 months and started first time last week.

The hondas tend to have a lot of ordinary steel bolts in the power head that tend to get rusty when exposed to salt.I used to have a 2001 model 20hp honda that was starting to look very ordinary under the cowl due to this despite regular spraying with WD40.



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