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had a mate over the other night and was showing him the site .

he brought up an interesting question .

what type of fish is the afo fish on the logo.

he looked at my books trying to work it out .

i reckoned its a random fish .artist's impression sort or thing .

so what fish do u think the afo fish is ?

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The AFO fish is a stylised fish that is meant to represent a "typical fish". Its not based on any species.

It should not appear on any other sites as we had our graphic designer develope it from scratch. Thanks to heavy input (much to the long suffering efforts of our designer) from Johnny and myself, this fish we customised and re customised until we ended up with the existing logo.


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Bommie wrote:

stylised fish that's been used on other sites :angry: (eg. tide times)

Can you please provide a link to another site using it, as if it is a copy of ours then they shouldn't be using it as we are in the process of trademarking our logo.

As Angus said our logo was designed by our Graphics team and took considerable time and many drafts and refinements before we were happy with it.

It is a stylised fish representing many of the differing species.

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