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boggy saterday the 10/10


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well one of my bros and a mate wanted to have a fish .

so went to boggy creek to chase flatty .

and out in the bris river to chase squire .

so took the tinny .

3 in the tinny not so bad.

1 rod each.

1 front, 1 back, 1 middle, worked well.

it was a bit of a long day ,bit wet and cold and windy .

had to putt about just over idle to stay a bit dry.

threw the cast net a few spots to get some lives .

mate throws it a lot better than me or bro so took advantage of having him there .

potty mullet is all we got ,no herring .

nothing great caught.

only took 3 pic's

just couldn't be bothered taking a heap of pics or small bream and flatties .

small rat bream 10 to 23 cm ish quite a few .

cpl small flathead ,they all about the same size as this 1.


a stonker of a catty


and some little striped fish


caught these the same spot as where we caught a heap of small bream.

sp's and bait used .

fished a heap of spots .

started neat the refinery jetty .

then to mouth of boggy ,small sandy beach ,near the pipe line.

then the pipe line pier 100 to 110 ,sitting in about 16 meters of water .

then the sunken wall near the refinery .

then back into boggy to get away from the wind .

did the drift for flathead across the channel .back to the dirt boat ramp/bridge.


would have been a nicer day with out the wind and the wet.

but all in all still a good day.

oh remembered a shit part of the day .

snapped another rod .

didn't even have a fish on it.

snapped almost the same was as the last graphite rod i broke .

braid rapped around the tip .

oh well shit happens.

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its was our first time down there in the tinny.

so wanted to get all them spots out as i can get to them in the canoe .

there all spots i have gotten off afo or been people have told me about .


pulled up on this beach to throw the cast net ,but to many mangrove roots.

we where getting nice bite here.

and it was out of the wind

but was on there for 2 mins as the sand fly's are mega bad.

we got hammered by them.

today the itching starts arms legs hammered.

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