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Long night paid off, My first thready!


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Friday afternoon and an early mark from work - where to?

Back to Bulimba to try for the FOTM.

Met up with ryan and after some hard work with the net, one wrecked net and a wet and sorry Ryan! we had 3 prawns a herring and a stonker mullet.

Ryan only stayed for a couple hours, was heading out again at 2am for a try at comslie.

So I sat around by myself for the next 3 hours. It was quiet, really quiet.

I had to sit holding my lines in each hand as I couldnt keep my eyes open, and had the MP3 player going to pass the time.

Finally I get a couple of small hits on the prawn I had peeled after it stopped kicking.

Still no hookup, started bringing it back, as I was sure it was baited by now.

Halfway through the retrieve and it was hit! Crap, on my light rod too!!

Must have taken 8 or 9 runs, and down to the backing twice. Finally convinced up the boat ramp and with a little help from 'lovestocatch' she was mine!!!!



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