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19th Ave Shenanigans


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Well Gents, as promised I decided to head down to Jigmans fabled lagoon on 19th Ave and see what the go is. Launched at about 5am to overcast conditions and a low slack tide.

A fair bit of surface actions going on, plenty of mullet jumping and schools of small silver baitfish moving around, plus thigs getting smashed up in the shallows.

Tried some surface lures but no strikes, switched to small HB's and also did some trolling. Some half hearted hits on the small HB's...

Had brought along a new reel to get the line wet, it's a Daiwa Bayard 150 overhead, got it for a steal up north during the week. a bit of overkill for this place, spooled with 20lb Bionic Braid..... :unsure: Tied on a Gamakatsu size 2 Baitkeeper and threw out some unweighted prawns..

Proceeded to get molested regularly on the prawns but not a single fish on lures all morning! :angry:

Landed 10 bream, smallest 27cm and a couple of new PB's at 36cm's (2). One of them took off so fast i thought for sure it was a Trev !




Only one species caught which was surprising, when i wrapped it up there were a few fellas there throwing out some livies, told me they caught a 3 and 5kg jack here this week just gone...must be Jigmans uncle......? ;) :laugh:

Going by the quantity of baitfish in the lagoon and the health/fatness of the bream i caught, there could be anything in this piece of water.

Oh and btw yes those two horses are still in there, swam away nicely....

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The thought crossed my mind, but there are very limited access points for LB fishing (other than residents of the houses surrounding), and no others on the water today...so i'm not sure they actually see too many lures.

Saw a few rods set up on pontoons infront of houses and they were all bait rods.... the guys fishing back at the park were all using bait as well...

I guess i just didn't crack the pattern today.

Interestingly one of the big bream was taken right in close to the bank and the other was right out in the middle (was looking for some deeper holes for Jacks)

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Maybe 4-5 metres at the most i reckon, the dropoff around the edges is quite sharp, makes for good bream territory with the rocks...

didnt get snagged once! gotta love that... i dont think there's any structure to speak of out in the middle, once i get my sounder rigged up i'll take a good look at the depth and bottom...

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