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Waterproof/Shockproof camera $200


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it look and sound ok.

i like aldi stuff buy a few thing there.

dad like buying there stuff too .

u get some ok things for a good price.

we have had no real problems with stuff from there.

dads battery jumper pack from there there .

the battery died in it.

there replaced the battery in it under the warranty .

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i got a 60$ camera that 5 mp.

its slow and the picture quality is ok.

for what it is and what it has to take pictures of.

fish its my boat canoe camera ,if it goes swimming i don't care its 60$.

but had to get used to a camera that u have to hold stiller and longer and wait ,while u take the pic's.

its a major step down from a slr.

its even a big step down form the olympus 7.1 mp.

no anti shake/blur etc .

the aldi camera being 8 mp should take a decent pic i reckon.

if this was out when i got my cheap camera i would have spent the few more bucks and got it .

i did check aldi but they didn't have a camera i wanted at the time.

the main thing i was looking for at the time ,was rechargeable battery and cheap .water and shock proof would have been a bonus but worth the extra few $ i reckon.

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the olympus stylus is not too far off in price, only thing that prevented me from buying was the slow response time. I ended up getting a panasonic lumix ft1 for around $500 all up, thats 8gb sd card and 5 year warranty and it doubles up nicely as a normal camera, probably won't get as great pics as a dedicated normal everyday use camera for the same price, but knowing me i'll make good use of the shockproof and waterproof qualities...

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Saw a link to this Fuji camera on another site

Don't really know much about it except that it's half price and a reputable brand.

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