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tilapia breeding season

James W

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myself and faulked hit up a little lake today to knock off some tillies...there were heaps of them, all in sight swimming around what looked like "nests". looked like dug out holes on the bottom with a male and a female swimming around protecting their love nest. with good visabillity ya could see the males with brightly colured fins and tail and the females a paler colour, with some females almost silver. most were about the size of the one in the pic, but there were a few others around too.

i know tilapia are mouth brooders but didnt know they bulit nests, so it was quite interesting.

think we may have to go back and clean em out faulked :)

a male with red fringed fins and tail DSC01442.jpg

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mattuna wrote:

Hey james, a few mates and i go out and show the tilapia who's boss, but haven't seen them in the lake near us as yet. Is it to early, for them?


well we saw a lot today..seemed more interested in eathother than our baits...i find the hotter the weather the better, but in the late afternoon to be the best time to target em.

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when its warm they would be breeding .

they are cichlids after all so they would follow the same as American and African ciclids.

so warm weather /water means breeding time.

they hold young in the mouth but still nest lay eggs .male fertilize the eggs they hatch then go in the mouth.

that's why they make nests.

while they are breeding they will be extra aggressive,.

so maybe using a lure that looks like a fish.

and in such a way it looks like it attacking them or there eggs .

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