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Roma Street Parklands


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Saw an ad as i walked down to Roma Street Station from school yesterday, something regarding a kids 8-12 catch and release fishing event, think it said the 26th or 24th not too sure.

Walked by today and saw staff using cray pot type things, wasn't able to get a better look because i was running late for school :dry:

Thought it might be of interest to anyone here with young kids

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bogan wrote:

in the river of course? not in one of those fountains in the parklands, all you catch there is luderick/

Luderick? Not sure about that :P

You will find however the parklands have been stocked with a few varieties of fish to enable Care Organisations the chance to run fishing days for disbaled kids as well as the stocking group to run Kids Fishing Days.


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From memory there are 4 days a year allocated for special fishing days to be conducted there.

The mullet there were also stockedand are a distinctive variety.Thet was one of the reasons a few w@nkers were pinned illegaly fishing there as they are not in any other waters around Brisbane.

The pot things were possibly eel traps. The rangers there are trying to eliminate some of the large eel population there as they are eating the ducklings and other young water birds.



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