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Just wanted to know if anyone is taking their yaks to the comp, as my tinnie is unrego'd at the moment.I'm thinking of heading down stream to our limits at the mouth, I know of a rocky patch that way, that i have been smoked a few times. So with some better quality gear onboard this time I'm hoping for a possible miscellaneous price pak or just a fish..........MAGIVA..... :P

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Nice offer Henry :)

Magiva make sure you read the entry form carefully when its released (this applies for anyone thinking about yakking).

Unfortuantly insurance companies dont always differentiate between boats and yaks and thus Yaks can fall under the "need to be insured" category.


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Please read our Standard Competition Terms and Conditions which apply to all official competitions held by Brisbane Fishing Online



f) All participants should ensure that they have insurance coverage for their vessel (including, but not limited to: kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats etc). By signing and agreeing to the event's Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to only use a vessel that has a Marine Insurance policy or is covered under an extension on a Home & Contents Insurance policy.

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Getting this thread back online!!

Unfortunatley my boat is in the shop at the moment and I don't foresee me getting it back in time for the comp....(loooong story!) :S

So I am breaking out the Hobie and looking for a few dudes to join forces.

Is anyone interested in joing me for a yak?


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hi guys ill be camping out at pinkenba and will be yakking out some shark baits if youd like someone to keep an eye on your cars stop in and say hi

white falcon ute

beige camper with big awning

yellow inflatable

white canoe

just past the big tankker and pipeline

too many rods

easy too spot

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