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Finally, it's my turn


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Hi everybody, I am a new member in AFO. I love fishing and motorsport , recently I have joined this forum and always feel envy when members showed their big catch " thread-fin salmon" . I have been fishing in Brisbane river around Bulimba for nearly a month , tried to find the best way (bait, hook , tide time etc) to catch a tready. As members always say live bait is the best , so I went to buy a cast net . It took me a week learning how to throw the cast net , but till now I can not throw it really open, luckly I could still catch some live prawns , mullets and herrings.

Last night, I went to Brisbane river around 12 am, and did some cast first , caught some prawns and herrings, started fishing at about 1 oclock (which is the low tide). The water started to come in around 2 am,nothing happened. At 3 am, the temperture started to drop , it was really cold , I checked the temperture with my iphone and it showed 11.9 degrees at that time . I did'nt know how long I could take it before I gave up. At around 4 am I started doing some excises to keep warm, suddenly the line went zzzzzzzzz..

I ran over to my rod and picked it up, got it! It felt quite strong , the fish went from the left to the right edge of the jetty , as I nearly saw the fish , it pull away hard to the left of the jetty again ,went away about 50 meters. Slowly I winded it back , took it to the right side of the jetty again , I finally saw the fish , it's a tready , so I pulled it carefully to the stair way and netted it up myself. It took me about 10 minutes to get it up, I was so happy to get my first tready , felt just like winning a big lotto .

I measured it when I got home , it is 92 cm , the biggest fish i have ever caught...


[img size=400]http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs235.snc1/8220_104070182938840_100000075770804_112521_5663394_n.jpg

Finally got one all by meself

[img size=400]http://photos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs235.snc1/8220_104070179605507_100000075770804_112520_4221871_n.jpg

The great view of gateway bridge

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rodneytu wrote:

Thanks for all the friendly replies.

The fish tasted great and tender , I steamed it . But it is so big that I needed to give some to my sister and friends.

I still love the feeling of getting big fish better than eating them

hope to get a bigger one soon

good one mate,but remember you get the same feeling when you release them too,not saying you have too,good catch once again
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my oh my! NICE WORK!

I headed out that way the other day just for fun, in what i call "retard tide"... Right in the middle of low and high tide :) Got a few nibbles but nothing.. was expected at 3pm in the arvo lol

Ill give it a go at night and try and get me a threadie that everyone seems to be catching around there :silly:

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