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Well I have been back from London for a week before heading back there and I thought I would do a little bit of fishing while I was back. I started fishing at Kholo Bridge and caught mainly Banded Grunter and eels so then I moved on to my old normal spot at Bribie Island. I managed to catch a really nice Flattie that was around the 50cm mark. He was very tasty on the BBQ.

Other then that we caught some baby Bream one of which seemed to have had his top lip ripped off in the past, couple of stingrays and the odd grinner! As well as getting about 100 meters of braid stripped from my reel then managing to get most of it back of the course of 15 minutes only to get snapped off on rocks. I think it was a big ray. I will post photos when I get back to London.

Was nice to sit by the saltwater for the day with the fresh breeze the day before heading back to gold old London town.

I will be moving back at the end of the year so I look forward to meeting some of you guys when I get back!

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