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1977 SWB Landcruiser


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Hi guys,

I am just wanting some information and peoples opinions. Basically I have been offered a 1977 SWB petrol engine Landcruiser for free. The body is fairly straight and has been used on a farm and as a daily driver for last 5 years. De registered 6 months ago but the car used to be my father in laws and he has told me what it used to be like. He is of the opinion it i as an old car so forget it. However I will be able to do most of the mechanical work myself so just wanting to know if people think they are worth driving? Basically I want it so that I can go up the beach to get into fishing spots and hopefully get to Fraser net year.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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they are a rough uncomfortable go anywhere beast their biggest let down is no aircon and they drink more fuel than a modern one with all the trimmings .they are without doubt great value for money as far as a cheap ofroad bomb goes .

i have an old landrover i cant bear to part with one day it will rot back into the ground whence it came from.


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