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dinner island fun for kids!


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well today i took a real challenge and took 3 kids out in the boat, it was the first time for my 2 yo daughter summer , i took them to dinner island as it was nearly low tide and we could pump some yabbies and chase whiting in the shallows. we got some yabbies pretty quick and bailey and aaron threw them straight out , they both caught a heap of whiting around 10cm long lol , still they were having fun 1 Aarons best went a whopping 18cm :laugh: and bailey out done him again with a 23cm . we motored down to the pin and drifted around with big soft plastics but no good, so we just motored around and the kids enjoyed the boat ride! i am keen to get my daughter hooked up but she enjoyed playing in the sand instead :laugh: jumpinpin_041.JPG

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