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rumrunners first bass and pb at tamborine


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hi fellas

and a big woo hoo for me and a big boo hoo also from me!

i just got back from a expedition i was talking about the other day in ray's thread,

the idea was to throw a few sx40's round a creek just down the road from me witch i usualy just fly by!

anyways got to the first spot on vievers rd tamborine i call the fish runn at lunch time and started throwing lipless crack baits for a while with no love and decided to switch to a sx40 lookalike! this ended up being the only hb lure i had for the rest of the day!

because as i returned from a short walk up stream i found two felles fishing within 2 mtrs of where i last left my box of hb lures!!! :angry:

all the rest of my gear was untouched! there was a ian miller/shimano bc setup sitting there aswell untouched! and a berkly sp bag full of goodies there also untouched!

i asked the guys there and they just shrugged there shoulders and said dunno mate!

so thats the boo hoo bit and now for the woo hoo bit!

i decided to pick up my gear and move to another spot before i showd my three yr old what not to do to people who i think have my lures!

i got to another spot down the road on charden bridge rd just up stream from the bridge as downstream was taken allready by horses and kids swimming!

i threw out my last hb lure rite in the middle of the creek as to avoid snaggs!

on the third cast out was pretty close to some good structure near the other side and it payd off with my first little bass at about 15-20cm (didnt care about the sise)!

well i was a happy chappy to say the least so back he goes to tell the rest to say gedday and boy did that pay off aswell! on my 5th cast i was on to a nice little upsise in the exact same spot! this one is now my pb at 20-25cm! small i know to some but not bad for my first time fresh fishing with only one lure left i thaught!

on my 8th cast i lost the lure to a nasty snag! :laugh:

the guy at the first spot caught 6 bass ranging from 20-45cm in the 10-20min piriod i was searching for my lures! he was using shrimp an a float!

pics will follow soon !

cheers Ian.

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