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where is the "Bulimba" you guys are saying?


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G'd Day,

I see many thread that you guys having great result in "Bulimba" / "Bulimba Yatch club"? but I am confuused about the location.

Someone says it is where Quay St. meet Oxford St.( red point in the pic, I found it same as the citycat Bulimba station)

whereas someone describe it like locate at the yellow point (Citycat apolo station)

May I know which one is correct? or the whole area is the yatch club? :unsure:

I would like where water is deep below feet, and best to have light at night, as I usually fish the whole night....some point just like potoon or perpendicular wall. Is there any that kind of spot within that area?

Many thanks. :blush:

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kakaryan wrote:


Yep the yellow dot is the Apollo Ferry, the red dot is the Bulimba Ferry, but the Bulimba yacht club you are after is up the top left of the picture, right on the corner/bend of the river. You cant really miss it as there is usually a bunch of boats outside.

Also for anyone interested this part of the river used to be a huge big mudflat that extended half way out into the river, but it was eventually dredged back to allow for shipping, back when the main use of the river was for shipping to go up to the South Brisbane/Petrie Bight wharves.

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