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Horse of a Whitting


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A mate fished the PIN yesterday.

He fishes the area a lot and has some special spots but decided to try a few areas he hasn't bothered with for a few years.

Only took him about an hour to find the spot off the day and ended up with 17 legal fish 12 whitting and 5 bream.

The whitting ranged from 34cm - 41cm.

The Horse

. Whitting.jpg

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Bommie wrote:

yum whiting, have you got one on a popper yet Stinger?

Still trying to get one on a popper. The bigger whitting should start showing up down here this month.

I have found a great sand bank near the entrance of the Narrabeen lakes and have managed a lot around the 26cm mark on worms(27cm legal size in NSW)so look like a good spot to popper when they do show up.

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local knowledge seems to help :laugh:

my old man and i fished the pin and some flats on the way back to jacobs well yesterday, got an undersize bream and an undersize whiting to show for it all day.

had a yarn to a dozen or so blokes out on the water and much the same, lots of small bream.

always next time ;)

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