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Lemax Demo Rods At The BRC


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Hey everyone,

Just a heads up.

In light of Lemax's awesome contributions to our site as an official site sponsor, A lot of people have asked me "where can I actually see a Lemax rod"!

Well unfortuantly in Brisbane at present no where.

However I will have some on display at the 2009 Brisbane River Classic for those interested in a perve.

The models I will have will be:


- Black Rose BR70 MHFS2

- SlimMax SM-C66 MF2

- Blue Mountain BM66 MFS2

- SlimMax SM-SJ 510-2

- FerariStik EX632

Ill also bring mine along for comparisson sakes. Double up of models but in some different sizes.

- Blue Mountain BM60-MFS2

- SlimMax SM-S 60MF2

- Black Rose BR70 MHFS2

You can view all the induvidual specs and pictures of the rods here:


Also a reminder of the fantastic Lemax rods on offer as prizes at the Brisbane River Classic:

- SlimMax SM-S 66MF2

- Storm Legend LS 60M2

- Storm Legend LC 70M2

- Blue Mountain BM66 MFS2


We already have 37 registered entrants so its shaping up to be a great year!


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jeff f wrote:

will there be any for sale gus

Funny you ask Jeff. I actually sent Ben from Lemax an email today asking if we could work something out. Even if it was an order form so we could do one large oder and reduce freight.

I cant personally open my own tackle store so I cant keep several of every rod and size etc in my own personal stock, but this order method could work...

Anyway ill see what he comes back with and we can try and work something out.

If we get enough interest in the range (as per the Four Fish website www.fourfish.com.au/index.php?p=1_16 ) maybe I can twist his arm to get over for the weekend with some stock hahaha.


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