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hey guys,

as im sitting at home bored with the dam being closed,

thought id whack up a report from last weekend,

fished the dam with a mate, nice day on the water and managed to get into double figures, caught some real quality fish with most being over 40cm.

a surprise for the day was two yellas,

having only ever seen a couple boated on the dam it was a nice change,

(I know they are there but seem to have eluded us on lures until recently)

enjoy! yella1.JPG

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heres one of the 2nd fish,

i think anyone who says the old yellas dont fight hasnt caught one, lol

the last few we have caught (hinze and elsewhere)ive really taken notice of the fight, to put it simply they have pretty much all gone like the clappers,

definately a different fight to a bass, perhaps a little dirtier..pulling straight to the bottom and stripping line in short runs, where as the bass seem to carve water going from side to side. yella4.JPG

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had another crack at hinze this arv after the reopening,

managed a few bass and a nice yella.

I could really get used to catching yellas down here,

reckon they pull as hard as a bass (just different fight)

this one was awesome colour and really fat.

almost round , the photos almost dont do it justice, yella1-20091108.JPG

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Nice one Ben. I didn't know that Hinze had reopened. I would have went there tonight, instead I ducked out this morning for a very productive fish on the Albert.

Good to see some yellas coming out of Hinze. I never target them there as I am too busy chasing toga and bass off the surface.

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