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Palm Reef aka Thanks alot Seabreeze


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hit up palm beach reef this morning for my first open ocean run in the Hobie.

Launched with litt efuss, got a bit more wet than i wanted to, but nothing major.

Seabreeze had the prediction for 5am to be 8-10knts out of the south and dropping.

well it was out of the south, 10 knots and.......increasing alllll morning :angry::(

My estimation would be it was gusting to 20knts at times, not overly pleasant with a big northerly sweep and associated swell & chop....

Pretty uneventful session, dropped a small cod right at the yak, but he would have gone back anyway so no biggie.

Went pretty quiet after that, a few boats and yakkers around but didnt look like anyone was catching anything.

picked up a super small flattie a bit later and then chased a few seagulls hitting some baitfish but no predators after them it seems (flicking a small slug into them...)

Prob the biggest tets of the day was the surf landing in the yak for the 1st time ! :unsure: :silly:

watched the sets for a few mins then steamed in inbetween them, no probs.... ;):)B)

phew! :side:

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yoyo wrote:

A can of Solo in the cup holder is mandatory when going thru the surf.......

when you get out the back you have to crack it and tip most of it over your head.

Hahahahaha @ the solo.

And a launch down the cliff face at Berley :P

Good work on your first entry. I have heard of a few people getting put off by terrible first results hahaha.


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