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fun weekend


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Well where to begin.... Big cheer for the boys and girls who made this an unforgettable trip :woohoo: its the sort of thing that forms life long mates and memories ;) Things got off to a bad start with brads boat not wanting to start... fully loaded so he and tugger transfered all their gear into brads tinnie and we all set off to meet at the servo. everything sorted and deckie pickup times organised we headed for ruddy marrs to set off.

Launched the boats and got clear of the 6 knotts zone thinking "get into it brad ya old prick"!! then realising he was full noise not even breaking the 6 knotts it was time to offload some of the gear into the haines :laugh: .... we were on our way :woohoo:

Cruising along carusoe we spotted the pad for the next 3 days, unloaded the boat and set up camp while rob went back to meet up with the deckies mooks and moparkev. By the time they got back we were fairly comfy enjoying a few tinnies and reaquainting ourselves. By the way tugger and aiden, top blokes and nice to meet you both.

Camp complete and a few beers down it was time to set the pots and get the boating over and done with as to enjoy the benifits of a few fully loaded eskies :P

I wont go into the antics and laughs too much as im sure every1 on the trip has their own versions and takes on things that happened that need to be said by them :laugh:

Over the weekend only a few fish were caught and congrats to kev on his PB flattie!!, but alot of effort was put into the pots and we ended up bagging around 35 keeper sandies and 10 keeper muddies. Put it this way, of all the food i took over i only ate a pack of biscuits :huh: the crab and beer diet worked a treat ;)

well 2 nights on the juice and 2 days fishing it was time to pull the pots for the last time and pack up camp, things were alot easier as we only returned with about 6 beers left :laugh: Special mention to davo for staying on 2 feet for most the trip... well done :laugh:

ill leave it to you guys to post up some laughs and stories from the weekend, from aidens piss funny nodding off to the classic malcom antics it was top weekend and one that will be repeated :woohoo:

Thanks guys for a top weekend

morepiss morepiss :PP1000421.JPG

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well when the boat wouldnt start i thought everything in the tinnie looked like a camel on water and just as slow but we got there,well guys it was a top weekend with great people here are some pics,will post a story later when my memory returns its still a bit fuzzy oh we have to go back to return the mud we stole :laugh: and rob how were those cream buns it didnt take long before you got a wiff of them :PDSCN0615_AFO.jpg

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cream buns ? what cream buns!. the funniest thing i saw was noddy, as he was starting to pass out. the funniest thing i ever seen, as when he would wake up it was an instant smile as the can if beer was brought it to meet his lips, then a shake of the head before his head just dropped and his chin hit his chest, b4 doing it all over again. and some of the crabs ending up in the funniest of places after escaping. :laugh: but this is like only 5 mins of a 3 day trip so you might get the picture, thnx to every 1 that turned up. up, you all made it what it was... bloody fantastic!!!!!!!! :woohoo: then another trip to check the pots at low tide, kev. get a roadie we're goin. kev asks, here we goin for a fish!! nah just get a bloody beer we're goin. ok kev says,as we get into the boat i tell em, we're checkin da pots, as we start to check the pots and some crab is put into the bucket, we approach the creek which we were suss on getting into, sure enough!! ooops. is that the bottom? yep and all mud too. so trav stragitisiclly places the boat as far up the mouth with as much speed as we can, until the boat just stops. we see the floats across on the other side of the bank, hmmmmm.

well off trav goes, down the mud bank and swims across the creek to retrieve the float. then the next 1 is kev's.

off ya bloody go, as trav and i watch on lobao. while standing over our knee's in mud, and still sinking, sure there will be more to this story so watch this space. but bloody hillarious is all i will say. so keep your eye's peeled..


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after my boat was stranded without a trailer during the week i thought for only a brief moment i might miss the weekend. then i called brad who had offered me his small tinnie earlier while he took his big boat but we both ended up with the tinnie. so i'll say again a big thanks to brad and rob who ended up making space in their boats for me over the weekend. mental note don't miss the pin camps morepiss morepiss


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