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Tomca and Happy-as-fisho hit Borumba


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I arrived at the campsite Friday arvo and Dennis (Keen-as-fisho) was already there and caught his first kayak bass already. We took his boat out to the back of the dam around 4pm and had a cast around some of my usual toga spots. Had 3 hits with no hook-ups before dusk.

Early start Saturday, on the water at 4.30am, and up the back into Kingham Creek, Den in his tinnie and me in my boat. We dropped redclaw pots and commenced fishing. I was using a 6kg abu rod witha pfluger baitcast reel with 10lb braid and I had about 5 half-arsed hits on surface lures. The toga were just playing with them. Changed over to a shallow running bass lolly in red and soon enough I had connected to my first toga of the weekend. A few flips and cartwheels and he was in the net safely, only 47cm.

Movin around the timber I spotted a likely looking bottlebrush tree growing on the edge of deep water and I cast to it and as Turned the handle to begin a retrieve, a barra size toga just engulfed the lure. I jammed my thumb on the spool and GONE! What you get for fishing in structure I suppose.

Later in the day I scored a 37cm Bass and we packed up for a pub lunch.

Arvo session we both went out in Dennis boat and he targeted bass while I got no love from the Toga.

Sunday(today) was a big donut for me. I'll let Dennis post his report and then I'll add the rotten buggers pics after.


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As Tom said I arrived at the pictures Borumba dam, what a great spot. Had a donut on thursday arv so had an early night with a plan for the next day. Awoke friday morning at 430 and headed to the ramp. Saw a nice red deer on the way and wished I wasn't there for the fishing for about ten seconds :P ! My plan turned into a donut so whent back to camp for a few tinnies and a feed. Left the boat there and took the yak out. By this stage the wind was up and it was a struggle to get to where I was going, so on with the leccy :P . Hit my destination, the small bay directly accross from the ramp. Success, my first bass, only 24cm but I was stoked! Whent back to camp about 1pm for a few more tinnies and kip. After Tom arrived and set up we were at one of his hot spots, for a donut session. An early start the next morning saw Tom land his first Toga of the day. A donut for me, but learned heaps. The arvo session came quickly, after a good pub lunch at Imbil tavern, and a few tinnies. So back to Toms hot spot to put my new technique into play. Success with two small bass, both around 27cm, still under sized but I was wrapped B) .

Today, well what a day for me :P First up at about 5ish am I got nailed by small Toga, but being over excited I lost it :( About 15 minutes later and a litle relaxed I landed my first Toga :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: I think it whent 45cm (can't remeber) It took a Mud eye subsurface. Whilst I was flickin about I had a live shrimp floating around out the back. Three solid strikes on that but no hook ups. The morning was getting away from us and about to pull the pin, so I suggested heading around Borumba creek for a quick sesh, in search of a bass or two. No bass. As I had been doing I had a live shrimp out the back. Smash, zzzzzz I had my second Toga, which I had early seen hunting the perrimeter of the weed beds. :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: again. So yeah, this fresh session has been my best ever, with two firsts and several PBs. I still can't whip the grin on my face! :woohoo:





Absolute ripper of a weekend. Can't wait for the next trip, probably on my birthday next month. Thanks Tom for all the hints and tips :)

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Trav, sounds good, been to Somerset 4 times and never caught a thing.

Ray, Barely even a few shrimp in the traps. Den got enough out of his pots for a feed Sat night


Dens first Toga. Lucky it was hooked good coz the boofhead dropped it over the side through the bow rail :ohmy: :laugh: :blush:

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I'll be up there again from the 1st November for a few days, hopefully the water will have warmed up and the toga come on the chew.

Tacklebox, its only a 20min peddle to the first creek, so very doable in a kayak.

Angus, should bring your boat up, no boating restrictions there yet.

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