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Maroochy River Oct 3-10


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Bugger..sorry my photo`s did not load up

A couple of weeks ago I posted asking for info on fishing the Maroochy River,as my lady,myself and our 2 youngest lads had booked a week,from 3rd October, at the Maroochy River Bungalows on the David Low Way,at Eudlo Creek just before it joins the Maroochy River.

Private lagoon/marina area in front of the bungalows for guests. Aerial view

Good boat ramp just out of frame to the right.(red x),with bitumen car and trailer parking area, boats are safe to be anchored and left overnight.

Thanks to ellicat,Bluevein,natang and burger93`s for their replies and info,and with the help of google maps I formulated a fairly basic,flexible plan for a week of leisurely caught fish and crab dinners,with a couple of bbq`s thrown in to break up the monotomy of it all.

Eldest lad and his wife are driving down from Rocky, the day before we go to Maroochy,their attending a family do at her parents place,and will catch up with us at Maroochy for atleast a day on the Sunday

Our youngest girl,living in Glen Innes had previously rung us to say she was on holidays,her boyfriend had gone over to Italy with Australian indoor hockey team to play for 3 weeks,was it convenient for her to to come up for a week or so,sure can,we love catching up with the older kids who have left town because of work or study and live else where,explained our holiday plans and she volunteered to stay up longer and house sit and take care of the dog while we were away.(goodo, cancel the boarding kennel`s booking)Tam arrives on the Friday, a week prior to us going.All sweet.

The Monday before we go,our eldest girl,with our granddaughter aged 2,and an unhouse trained dog arrive with a bag or two,saying something about the g/daughters father and the inlaws who had just moved up from NSW and are living with them,not too sure about this development but…,the house is starting to feel really small,not to worry come Saturday,a week of leisurely fishing/crabbing lies ahead.

I have a 3.8m mako estuary tracker tinnie,ideal for me,for fishing and crabbing rivers, estuaries and creeks.I find it a great fishing platform for 1 person and a good platform for two people.Now four can fish from it,but unless it`s a reasonably calm day on the water,and you don`t take the outing too serious, fishing four can be painfull.

Now,having time away where our boys are involved usually means there should be a reasonable sized swimming pool,a games area,laptop,mp3/ipod,dvd`s and ps/pc games within arms reach.

My 15/16 year old feels that one or two short fishing sessions per holiday is enough for him,and his 14 year old brother seems to only go fishing so that he can get bored quickly and then annoy the crapper out his brother for the remainder of the time your out fishing, also he can feel queasy just by wriggling his toes in the bath tub.

My lady is very flexible,she`ll fish,swim,kayak etc,hang out with the kids,pump yabbies, number 1 deckie in the boat,etc,Robyn is the family`s tactful diplomat in times of family dramas,(you guys know how it goes)you’re the little brother you do it,he pushed me,I`m bored let`s stir,etc.Yep..very flexible kind of lady.

Me,give me a shotgun,and I`ll work on the collateral damage after the blast..

Well laid plans

So with the boys in mind the plan was,get to Maroochy around lunch time Saturday,unpack and have lunch,put the boat in the water then a quick recon of Eudlo and Petrie creeks to find likely spots to drop crab pots in,take a rod to flick around,then return,pick up the boys and get fishing session #1 over and done with and if fishing session #2 was required that was what Sunday,after the pots were checked and before the televised u/20`s Grand Final started, was for.

Now that leaves Monday to the following Saturday,with a day or maybe two allowable for aâ€lets do a family day thing,†for me to leisurely enjoy what the fishing had on offer.

With a 13’6â€surf rod with a couple of alvey reels,a12’surf rod with a couple of spin reels packed,that will cover any surf options I may want to do at the mouth of the river or on the beaches north or south side of the Maroochy river.

Also thrown in was

Two 9’whiting rods with alveys which will cover both landbased and boating options for those silver succulent delights.

A 5’6â€,4-6kg baitcaster out fit,a 6’6â€,3-5kg spin out fit, a 7’,1-4kg spin outfit and 2 x 5’6â€, 10-20lb outfits just in case there`s excitement in the cod hole or elsewhere,some soft plastics,a couple of single layer plano tackle trays of hb`s,a yabby pump and a castnet.

This lot should cover any needs between the mouth of the Maroochy and the Bli Bli


Oh yea,the boys had 2 rods each and my lady had 3.

On the Friday before we left,the word was some tailor around the beaches and mouth of river,whiting around Channel and Chambers Islands,at the mouth of Eudlo Creek around the red marker flats,flathead in the creeks and some bream and grunter scattered around the river and creeks,and some muddies being potted.

Things are sounding pretty good,if you put the effort in good things should come your way.

Friday arvo call from eldest lad to say they had splattered a kangaroo north of Gin Gin,would be spending night there,waiting for a part for the fuel line,as it had been split in the accident ,and once back on the road would just head back to Rocky..bugger..

Saturday arvo,1.30 and still haven`t left home,don`t you love family dramas.

(mental note.. when we get back, choke the living sh#t out of grand daughter`s “Richard Craniumâ€of a father).By this time I`m not the flavour of the month with my lady.

Things are not going to plan

After what seemed a long quite drive up, we get to Maroochydore,unpack,boat gets in the water about 5.45.Crab pots need baiting,fishing rods need to be rigged,wind starts to blow up..Bugger.

Secured the boat with a bow and aft anchor,and called it quits for today,will go for a shower,have an early night, and start the plan of action tomorrow


Sunday arrives, 3-4hrs sleep,the boys were up past midnight last night,watching tv and playing pc games(if only they could do it with the volume off),seemed like they were in and out to the toilet via our bed room,constantly throughout the night.

New day starts, lets go..first up check out the creeks for out of the way crabbing spots,maybe flick a few lures in likely looking spots,then something odd happens,eldest lad wants to do the recon with me,this hasn`t happened before,so this turns out to be a slower teaching/learning recon trip,not to worry the kids have amazed me before.

On the way back Josh says he`s not feeling too good.Get back mum checks him out,he`s running a temperature(guess who didn`t replace the panadol from previous trips,no panadol in the first aid kit)What time do the shopping centres open here,finally get some panadol.Josh isn`t looking too good now,a couple of panadol for the temp,onto the bed he goes.A late lunch time comes around,sort out some gear that I didn`t do last night and rig upsome more rods,Josh is still in bed..Matts settled in on the laptop,ok lets set the pots for the incoming tide,then we`ll pump some yabbies,bugger…,with the full moon the low is going to be high over the yabby banks at the end of the park,ok castnetting ..bugger it,lets watch the footy,then I can get into fishing mode.Footy over,the wind comes up strongish,bugger…

The only good part of Sunday, was the G/final ref and touchies didn`t do a bad job...

Things are not going to plan.

Monday,Josh is looking a bit better,wants to check the pots with me.The pots have a total of 1 undersized crab in them,baits need replacing, and move them around a bit.

Back to camp,leisurely brunch,with Robyn and boys we motor off to explore around the creeks,only undersize bream,grunter and a small stingray get caught for the time out.

Boys and Robyn go kayaking,I`m starting to feel a bit iffy,not hot but just not right.

Tuesday,Josh is looking better,comes with me to check the pots, some baits are mauled and a couple are just bare frames,rebait,ziptie the doors,take the floats off and tie the lines to mangroves on the bank.Back to camp,I`m still feeling iffy,Matt`s quiet,and not looking too active,do some bait gathering,off we go for session # 2,still undersize fish being caught,moved around a fair bit,late arvo anchored up at the bridge at entrance back into the lagoon/marina for a final fish for the day,I`m feeling iffy,Josh is looking good,Matts extremely quite.Josh is just casually flicking out with a slow reel in,with no great intent, filling in time until session#2 finishes,Matt is bored but quite.

Bingo, Josh has a good hook up,and excitedly plays the fish,with good drag adjustments,keeps the head down in the water until the nets in position and brings in a 61cm flatty(pb of any species for him).

I got a kick out of watching that…sooo the lad has taken on board info and advice donated on previous trip`s

Good thing about the boys, they don`t eat fish,so Robyn and I are visualising 2 nice flatty fillets,that just need a bit tender preparation and some salad to top them off.

Back to camp,Matts feeling hot and stuffy,boys off kayaking,Robyn and I do a quick bait gathering trip,a bit of surf fishing tonight is looking good.

Ok,that`s session # 2 over and dusted.The original plan is a couple of days out, but coming together now,..a shower,a feed, Robyn and Matt go down to the pontoon to have a fish,Robyn gets a 36cm spotted grunter,Matt picks up a 27cm whiting.

What the..wind has started to blow up a fair bit…double bugger..at least I seem to be in the good books again


What the hell, early night

Weather forecast for Wednesday,late change coming in,maybe chance of a thunder storm in the region. Murphy`s law says??. Ok, I`m in a small spot in a fairly big region.


Wednesday,Josh is well,Matts not the best,I`m starting to feel fairly iffy.

Josh and I check the pots,a couple of undersize,1 nice keeper,rebait and reset pots,back to camp,show the boys how to tie up a p#ssed of muddy.

Robyn and I go into Maroochdore(has anyone else seen the size of the fish that are in the canal under the shopping centre,with the no fishing signs in place) We do a top up shop,chemist,bank,more fuel,earlier this morning Robyn had told me how much Josh is enjoying the fishing,crabbing and time together in the boat,and Matts all fired up now he has caught a legal sized fish.

.Lunch,back on the water,a lot of moving,putting in a fair effort trying for whiting nothing legal comes in.Light cloud coming in from the west,dark cloud skirting around far to the north,tides dropping significantly,lets try picking up a flatty or 2.

2.30ish,temperature drops a bit,sky around doesn`t seem too bad,wind starts to picks up,couple of more casts and we`ll head back to camp,we`re now fishing in the mouth of Eudlo creek.

Holy bat crap,that’s an impressive and close bolt of chain lightning,up anchor,10 minutes later we`ve secured the boat back at camp,just get inside and the rain starts,thunder,lightning and the wind is blowing.

News weather report that night said Maroochydore got 35mm of rain out of it.

Drizzled on and off and windy throughout the night.

Things are not going to plan

Thursday,Ok time to rethink,my original basic plan,it just isn`t coming together.

The boys are enjoying the fishing adventures,boat and landbased,kayaking etc.Josh is enjoying our attempts to get more crab,Matt hasn`t stirred up his brother once,hasn`t complained that he`s bored. Robyn`s enjoying herself and is thrilled that the boys are having a good time,and that we`re all having great family time together.

The wind is blowing up ,on and off.

Maybe, I`ve cheesed off the fishing Gods,

ok,Maybe I shouldn`t choke the g/daughters father when we get home,

ok it’s a bit crowded fishing four in the boat,out of the wind its not to bad,and who really wants to stand in coolish water getting a southern chill just to throw bait or metals into the surf when the family`s having a great time

People staying at the bungalows,that we had talked to,and a few on the river,said we were one of a few getting at least some fish.

Wednesday on the river,we had a guy motor over to us,on his way in,offering us his live worms and yabbies,saying the fishing in the river has been quiet this week,â€thanks for the offer mate, but we do have enough fresh bait on hand,..â€that was a nice and generous act,a few more of him and less numbers of ski lice on the water would be nice,

Yes there were ski lice up there,same attitude,see fishers,lets do donuts near them,lets see how fast and close we can go to nowhere and back continuously,..a #8 ball sinker cast with timing seems to remind them that the great outdoors does have other places to play….have you ever noticed that these idiots believe the speed and no wash signs only apply to boaties

.So Thursday and Friday were the same routine, as the previous days only with more wind,Robyn caught another grunter,38cm,Matt caught a 27cm bream,Josh hooked but dropped another flatty,(high 50`s cm).I did not catch a legal sized fish all week.

Saturday what a day,no wind,sunshine,warm but not hot,boats coming and going,boys and Robyn kayaking, relaxing,bbq,get the boat out of the water,pack up,quiet family evening.

Sunday sleep in,leisurely breaky,checkout,pleasant drive back home.

Eldest girl, g/daughter and unhouse trained dog,move back around the corner to their house.

Monday Josh and I drive out to the other side of Warwick to a goat farm,to pick up his new mareema puppy,bugger…,I thinkI can still smell the last untrained dog that was here.

The boys have settled back into school after their 3 week break from it

Tammy left on Friday to go back to Glenne Innes.

Gee it`s nice to catch up with family and have a family week away.

Bugger, must do it by myself sometime soon,..but then again, maybe I should take the deckie too.

So what was this rambling drivel all about…well as I said at the start..I had formulated a basic,flexible plan for a week of fishing and crabbing,so that was my October 3- 10 fishing report for Maroochy river.



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Going up there in about 2 weeks. Just a little further up the road, near the Cod Hole, Maroochy Palms C/Park, taking daughter and 5yr g/daughter. She wants to learn how to fish, he he he Would be ok if we actually knew how to do that ourselves. Love to go fishing, but .... I wouldn't go as far as saying we know how to fish!

Anyway, a quiet couple of days of rest and rec. is on the menu with a few hours (maybe) of fishing involved. Nov 5 - 7 Hope is doesn't rain!

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