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PB flattie & new kayak bling


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We'd planned to go on Travis' Pin trip this weekend but when a last minute family thing came up, hasty plans were made to camp at Brunswick Heads on Friday night instead.

Kreel still has nightmares about the giant flattie that got the better of him at the State of Origin comp and was seeking retribution. :evil: I was happy to catch a feed of anything since it's been a month since we last went fishing.

On Friday morning the plan was to go upriver as far as we could then drift back down with the tide. We both caught a couple of tiddlers and lost a couple of lures. It wasn't a great start to the trip. We were on our way back in when Kreel was finally onto a decent flattie. I think he went about 46cm. Beauty – there's lunch sorted! :cheer:

We tried again on Friday afternoon but again, only caught undersized fish. By the time I got back to the ramp we had a little audience and we must've spent about half an hour showing people our kayaks and answering all their questions. Yes, they're very comfortable... no we don't paddle, we pedal... that lifts the rudder... yep, they're fishfinders... here's the battery... and on and on it goes! :S One of the blokes finds out I caught more fish throughout the day and asks about quality vs quantity. Kreel says if it doesn't make it to the plate it doesn't count. :P

Back at camp with a few beers, we could spot a bit of surface action behind the oyster leases. We both thought there's gotta be flatties in there and decided that's where we would fish the next morning. So after a pub dinner at the Bruns, we called it a night.

Saturday morning we were out bright and early. I made a beeline for the oyster leases and caught a little flattie on my 2nd or 3rd cast on a micro mullet. Kreel had gone for a quick look past the bridge but came back after having no luck. Not long after he caught a 42cm model, also on a micro mullet. I decided to get serious and put on my favourite Mann's. The water was dirtier than it was during the State of Origin which is why I went with a bright lure.

Good choice! It was hit hard and I immediately knew I was onto a great fish. :woohoo: There was a pole between myself and the fish so I moved quickly to prevent it from wrapping round the pole. It took a few runs, got close to the oyster leases, came close to the surface once or twice and I thought for sure I was gonna get done on 4lb line. I peddled over to a shallow area to tire it out a bit then at last managed to get it in the net after a few attempts. It was the biggest flattie I'd ever seen up close and my PB by far! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

It was about 80cm on the mat and although within my rights to keep it by nsw rules, I let her go. Back at the ramp and the blokes are there again giving Kreel stick for being outfished by the missus. Nope, it didn't make it to the plate. It doesn't count! :P :silly: :laugh:

Here I am with the fish. Kreel says I make it look bigger because I'm tiny. :blush:

[br] P1040460AFO.jpg

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Trav – I wasn't competing at SoO so my excuse is that I wasn't really trying. :P

Mongrel Jack – Same here.

Angus – Yes it's a twinpower but spooled with Nitlon braid not Rapala. I didn't catch the fish on it though. You'll love this – I caught it on my daiwa regal 1500 with 4lb mojiko braid.

Mooks – Not quite as big as yours but not bad eh! :)

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