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113kg Barra caught in the Fitzroy River!


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Had an email forwarded to me this morning and I nearly fell off my chair when I opened it. This is the text from it (cut and paste):

I’m sure all you Barramundi fishermen will enjoy this one; recently caught this barra on the Fitzroy river. The fish weighed 113kg's and could unfortunately not be released as a crocodile attacked it when they had the fish boatside. (likely story)

Such a shame it wasn't released. I've never seen anything like this before!



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Thats a big fish alright.

Its hard to trust emails though as they can do the rounds and pick up random stories.

For example, if I could make a guess I would be inclined to say that could be a Nile Perch (as per the below attached picture) caught in Africa. There is a darker skinned arm in one of the pictures but it could be as easily Aboriginal or Afircan so that doesnt help.

It would be interesting if anyone could ID the tree :P

Sorry not trying to discredit your post, I have just seen some random stuff emailed. Like the Goliath Tiger Fish caught in teh congo labled as "Worlds Largest Piranah"!!

And if its true.. Cool!

. n_perch.jpg

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dunks wrote:

Yeah Mate this was posted at another fishing website. It was caught in Africa and is a nile perch. Someone googled it and the photo came up. Sorry to spoil your fun :laugh:

Not spoiling anything ;)

I was a little 'fishy' about the whole thing when I got the email. :laugh:

One thing I didn't realize is how similar the Nile Perch is to the Barra. Just about identical. I always thought the Nile Perch was longer and skinnier.

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Cairns angler lands world record barramundi

PM Archive - Monday, 7 February , 2000 00:00:00

COMPERE: Fishing tales. In fact, one of the biggest in the world. In far North Queensland a local fisherman has reeled in the biggest Barramundi ever. The monster measures 124 cm long and has received international recognition.

John Taylor got hooked on the story for PM.

JOHN TAYLOR: Local Cairns fisherman, David Powell, has a fishing yarn he'll be able to dine out on for years. David has entered the world's fishing record book, reeling in the biggest Barramundi.

DAVID POWELL: It was 37.85 kilos. The fish was 124 centimetres long and 105 centimetres around the girth.

JOHN TAYLOR: In fishing tales, that's a monster. David Powell caught the Barra while fishing on Lake Tinaroo, just an hour South-West of Cairns.

Myth well and truly busted.

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tugger wrote:

for starters barra don't grow to 110kg around 60kg finishes a barra

global warming maybe? :) I have seen barra pulled out of lake argyle in wa by the pro silver cobbler guys that were in the high 60's kg, The biggest one went 71.2kg. I would love to think 110 would be possible! Maybe in a lake with minimal predation and lots of food it could be? Not wasting energy on migrating and rooting and all that other useless stuff! ;)

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Travis wrote:

Aidenwebb may be able to sort this out, hes from sth africa...

i am not sure how a saffie would solve the problem :blink: . You have to go a few thousand km's north of south africa to find the nile perch.


PS: it is a nile perch and the photos have been shown on several websites claiming to be barra.

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they'd go pretty hard on the ol 10lb lol

nile perch are apparently a pretty big problem in other areas (part. europe) where tehy enjoy a tilapia like status. cant be hard to imagine a beast like that wreaking havoc on a local ecosystem lol. pretty sure it would not be noxious at all caught in uganda though

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