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little trev on coast exploring !


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well could not decide where to fish this morning so i headed to the seaway and headed out over the bar just after 4:30am, travelled about 2klms out and sounded around till i found a nice school of something, dropped pillies and plastics at them but not even a bump, drifted around for about an hour and a half with no success, the only plus thing was i got too see some whales but did not get the camera quick enough, i will have to buy an epirb and all the required stuff for off shore so i can go harass the 36's legally ! on the way in i checked out the pumping jetty but the breakers were just a bit close for comfort lol. i came back in and loaded up the boat and headed to the nerang near the M1 explored but not a touch on HB's ,packed up again and went to the coomera, trolled for a lil while and landed a mega i mean minature tailor :cheer: first fish for the day lol i trolled over some bait schools and thought bugger it, live bait got me a lil jew last ime, so 1 cast with the net and i had way too many herring the net would not close properly, kept about 10 and done the quickest release of 100+ herring, the local kite enjoyed the meal of the few that were swimming in a daze on the surface, i dropped anchor and deployed the herring, only took about 15 mins and i hooked a nice lil trev , after him i landed a big catty and that was enough for me to say , i tried i did not conquer today but still not a doughnut !!!


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