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Catch'n'Release Tips


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Hey guys,

So i'm gearing up for my local comp this weekend...link attached if you interested (though the more fishermen, the less fish) :-)

Anyways, i was hoping to get some tips on the catch and release of bass/catfish/jewfish/and other freshies. Cause my fishing site is a bit of a drive (10min) from the weigh-in site.

Any tips would be a huge help.



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Avoid removing slime. Only handle the fish with wet hands or wet rag.

Avoid cooking them. Wet cool brag mat. (Ever noticed how quick it is to cook fish).

The bigger the fish the more you need to support it's weight. Use a comfort lift - i.e. place a hand flat under the fish boatside, lay fish on it's side and raise hand gently and lift. Yellowbelly respond really well to this - almost like putting them to sleep.

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Hey yoodles, was planning on going, but as I am now on the Kilcoy committee I have to show for meetings! and they have one this weekend, so not able to go.

Best fish handling tips I have come across are here.


You will note this is the recreation fishing industry best practice guide and is worth a read as it covers a lot of areas people dont think about, the playing of the fish and being prepared before hand to handle the fish, and the right gear to both catch and handle the fish.

It also describes the true indications of expanded fish bladders, the depths it will actually be a real issue for, (IE 20m plus) and how to deal with it.

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