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Tagging Fish


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Something I have thought about for a while now and would like to know if...

1 Can anybody tag fish?

2 Are there fish you can and can't tag?

3 How do you get into it ie. getting the tags and learning how to plant them correctly?

4 Is there a public data base where people can report caught tagged fish?

Any info would be greatly apreciated

How cool would it be to tag a fish and then months later catch it again and see what it has grown and how far away it is from where you caught it last.

Very keen to get into it if possible :)

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My knowledge is about 2 years old, so may not be correct if things have changed.

Anybody can do it.

You can tag whatever you like, but not all are in the database collection system.

Suntag is the tagging body you need to contact.

There's a few reports of tagged fish being caught by members. You phone in the details and they send you out a certificate with that fish's history. Pretty cool.

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hey mate, here is a link for ya


Brad (threadfin research) had a word to Bill Sawynok who sent me a tagging kit primarily to tag threadies, however i haven't done many tagging trips as i avoid fishing my usual areas for threadies during spawning time. however i have put some tags in a couple of cod and jew for practice lol.

hopefully i will get a few tags in some jacks this summer then try and hit the same snags next summer to see if they're still at home haha

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