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Shorncliffe Pier Bust offs 20/10/09


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Well me and my fishing buddy been shifting his place for the last 4 days and after we finished everything the first thing on the agenda was a fish ( and also a beer ) :)

Got to Shorncliffe Pier at around 11am right on top of the tide. Caught up with some of the locals and there was alot of bait fish around, both herring and mullett. Me and my friend were using assorted baits of cooked prawns, raw prawns and strips of fresh legal whiting.

The aim of the day was to fish for summer whiting and maybe some flathead..

first few casts nothing much happens. One of the locals picks up a just under legal squire and some asians pull in a nice little tailor.

Then things started to get intresting.. most of the other fishos were using livies or strips and someone got hit by something big but the tussel only lasted about 20 seconds with the leader being bitten through. Then he reeled in his other rod which had ganged hooks and wire trace to find the wire was cut through.

My mate reels his line in to find no hook left ( he was using left over hot potato chips from lunch! )

I reel in one of my two rods to find no hook. Then I wind in the other one not knowing there would be something that felt huge on the other end.. that fight lasted about 5 seconds since I was only using 15lb leader. (this was on raw prawn) I upgraded my leaders to 25lb after this which is my heaviest line.

Anyway over the next 45 minutes I think we all got busted off around 15 times together.. sometimes winding in to find no hook and sometimes a fight but always a short one. Nothing was ever brought to the surface and not even close.

So what do yous think it was? I'd be convinced it was sharks with it being such a bloody hot day but are sharks known to take hot potato chips? :huh:

With the volume of bust offs in such short time I think it could have been massive school tailor.

Anyway that was my days fishing.. no fresh whiting or fleathead tonight but some motivation to catch whatever it was another day!

Thanks for reading


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Eyy yeah I do run in with basketball size sea toads everynow and then..

But they usually fight like a dead weight and one of the runs this dude got today peeled half the line of his spool before he could reach his rod and tighten the drag..

And its hard to believe they can smash decent size live herring in one shot with that little rabbit mouth.

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when you said 1 took off and peeled line quickly its probably a school mackerel they got teeth that will bite most lines off and they are regulars to the jetties. go single strand wire there is little chance any thing will snip that through but multistrand gets in the corner of their mouths and each strand is cut 1x1


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These fish are pretty nuts hey.. Thanks for the tip tugger about the single strain wire I'll give it a try!

Are sea toads known to fear any preditors?? I think I heard someone say that black marlin feed on them in the deeper sea but I could be mistaken.

Ive never had these wierd bust offs or caught or seen one caught in dusk/night time.

So gunna hit it up maybe tomorrow night for the run up.

Thanks for the input guys.

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Was reading an article about a guy up at airley beach walking knee deep in the water when a big toad bit his toe off right through his reef sneaker. then it took a big chunk out of his shin then beached itself chasing the poor bloke up the beach for another chomp.

Those mungrels show no mercy

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natang wrote:

Does anyone know what teh DPI says on them? I had a quick look at the website and couldn't find anything. If these things are such big pests which we all know they are why does the DPI not bring something in to eradicate or cut hte numbers down???

They are pests to us as fisherman, but not to the ecosystem. They are a native species, with a specific niche in this environment, and should not be killed simply because we don't like them. Same goes for Catfish

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