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Bommie wrote:

I'll have to get you to get some footage of my son

yeah not a problem we go out usually evry second weekend!

just come to my house and we leve from here!

not this weekend as im shark hunting with gazza on sun and dreamworlding on sat!

but the week after will be a goer!

next time im gonna use a much better cam witch will have better quality picture and audio! and hopefully be a bit smoother?

the young bloke on the vid can mono from 1st to 6th! so we will film that aswell next time with a few 30ft jumps thrown in aswell!

cheers Ian

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burger93 wrote:

Not bad mate .Where abouts do you ride?

cheers sean

hi sean

we moastly ride in the logenvillage pine forest because its at the end of my street but we also ride the ormeu tracks a fair bit aswell!

any one can join us anytime just email me and i will give ya the details of when we go ect!

were heading out next weekend if ya wanna come?

cheers Ian.

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