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My First Jewy!!!


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On the night that Gus caught his massive threadfin down by the golf course at Bulimba, I had the great pleasure of having the first catch of the night...

That morning I had tried my luck on the boardwalk at Wynnum and off the rocks at Manly, but was mainly there for the fantastic weather and view - I only caught one tiny bream! :(

Fisherman 1 (who I live with) and Fisherman 2 (who lives next door) have recently rediscovered their love for fishing and have spent quite a few nights, beer in hand and lamp on head. Needless to say, that night I needed a bit of convincing to go down to the river as the last few reports I had received from the fishermen had been a tad discouraging. :laugh:

Sitting with Fisherman 1 and a few of the friendly AFO folk was a lovely and relaxing time in itself. But I must say when my rod bent it made my night! The fish ran a couple of times and once we had landed it and stuck it on the brag mat I could not stop smiling and was literally jumping up and down with excitement!

No bias what-so-ever, but this was the best looking Jewfish I had ever seen - all 56cm of it! :PDSCF5949.jpg

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kima7 wrote:


And yes... I out fished Fisherman 1 and 2 (much to their disgust :P ) but isn't that the way it always goes? :lol:

And yes Henz it is good to reconnect with a fellow State High grad :laugh:

How do I enter FOTM?

Kima there is actually a section in the forum called Fish Of The Month Competition.

Check it out. All the rules and process are there.



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