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Kooringal this weekend

Old Scaley

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Quick post on the trip to Kooringal. Left Victoria Point at about noon and stopped for fish near the inner bar on the bottom end of Moreton. No fish except for a few small flattie, but did manage about a dozen average sized squid, which made a great entree for a curry dinner that night.

Never been to Kooringal before. Nice little place. I liked it nearly as much as the sand flies and midgees do.

Saturday morning we headed out for a fish in the Blue Hole. Again, no luck luck except for some of the biggest grinner I ahve ever seen. Wind was picking up so back to the shack for drinks, cards and dinner.

Left early this morning, thinking the northerlies would get up. Spent a couple of hours drifting through Rainbow Channel off Amity. Caught a few small squire and lots of small flathead. Had ten minutes of fun when we caught 2 kingies. One went 74cm and the other 76cm. Should be good on the barbie tonight. Wind started to get up around lunch time so home for a few beer and the one day match from India.

Great week-end. Sorry no photos, lost the camera in Canada in July. Birthday this week, so you enver know, I might be able to post some pics soon.

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