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Share some fish with you guys

Master Sardines

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have a couple more pix to share.

1st is dried fish at a market stall. Not sure if you can see, but there is a pile in the middle and to the left of fish that only make the 3cm mark.

I dunno about these dried fishes but the locals and my missus seem to like them. :unsure:


This is a guy selling fish down our flooded road. He calls out to let ppl know his there and greet him at the road side.



yes guys, i agree there is a few weired fish. But have to be impressed on how they sustain the fish there. A lot are farmed in nets out in the bays. You see the farms when flying over. Local fisher people keep whatever they hook onto weather its 50mm or smaller, it all goes to the bag. But thats there culture. Till next time

Tight lines Steve

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Giday mate buddy pal Brian..... Nothing in the city. But once outside, There is so so many street vendors selling fish, fruit, vegies etc. Even out in the province (country) theres always fresh fish miles from the water. Most places have a market where many sellers sell and we can barter for an even better price.

Cheers Steve

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