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Quick questions before I unleash the Grinder......


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Well as you can see the transom and the partial replacement are buggered!!

Looking for opinions as to the options I am looking at for repalcing the transom.

I am either looking at removing the entire top of the boat or cutting out the bulk of the tub at the rear leaving the rear shin intact??

Any suggestions please?? transom.jpg

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the boat i got was like that in the transom .

but they had all ready got the rotten wood out .

so even after u get the wood all out .

its fit the new wood bold and anchor in to strong points .

then glass it up and paint or gel coat .

then maybe a big 5 mm alloy plate bolted on the bum .

seen a few old boats with them on as a rotten transom ,fix /patch up.

i'm not sure which way is better ,there both a big job.

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hey mate if your interested i have a 15' stylecraft which is very solid in the hull just need a new deck floor put in it it also has a 35 hp chrysler on it. it is a runabout has 3 pedestal seats which are retrimmed only asking $750 for it

if you like i can put some pics up for you or if you are any where near crestmead come and have a look.

might be an easier fix than yours.

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Thanks for the help guys, Got plenty of time on my hands so I will give it a go without spending heaps of cash. Will get the grinder out next week and start the process. Once underway and I have som pics will keep updates online and hope to have her out on the water at some stage.

Next weekend (if dry weather) should have some better idea of the size of the job. The glass work is the easy bit.

If nothing else gives me a good excuse to go shopping for more tools :cheer:

Updates to come

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