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Luggage Point Poo Shoot | 22 October 09


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Hey AFO!

Well just thought I would post up a quick report!

I have been doing a LOT of fishing lately but have caught squat!

Got some tackle off ebay this week and have been busting to spool up with braid for the first time - I am extremely impresses with the way it fishes! I now know what everyone has been banging on about.

Anyway my brother an I headed out last night to Luggage point to fish the poo shoot with pilchards.

We got out and set up at around 10pm and within 5min I WAS ON!!! This fish put up the best fight I have ever had and I was starting to worry that my 10lb braid was not going to be enough to stop him had probably 4 really fast long runs till he surfaced and then came the mission of bringing it round to the side and climbing down to lift him out of the water, not fun when the tide is still quite low!!!

He weighed in at 6.6kg couldn't find a tape anywhere but im guessing around the 80cm mark

After that we had a few more bitea but once the trawlers did a few passes really close they were off the bite.

Headed home and I have not been able to shake the grin from my face since!!! :woohoo:




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Yep probably my most rewarding catch bar my first river shark and to be honest he fought way harder than the shark which surprised me

I will be stocked if i can crack a few more of these while they are still around

Next on the list is a thready!!!

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