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Just scrolling the net and came across this.


I am not well informed on issues like this but it does concern me when we get high profile people joining crusades.It's almost as though people believe what the celebs say just cos they are celebs.Then petitions get signed because MR/MRS celebrity signed it also without the signatory knowing or caring what they are agreeing to/fighting for. I don't know how it would work for rec fishos if they turned the whole Coral Sea into a marine park(or a million square kms of it)

It would seem okay to remove commercial fishos(better to restrict I believe) and mining etc but this does seem like another case where the green movement is gathering momentum with them joining with other green groups to create a powerful voice and the silent majority will be left in their wake. :angry:

In eras of civil libs and the influential green vote,some of the repercussions are going to effect too many in a negative way.

Unfortunately,there are many hipocrites. :X Environmentalists who want to save the world by restricting their household elecricity usage but drive v8's??? Animal rights activists who won't wear fur but go home to their carpeted houses and feather down pillows???? Civil libertarians who will openly fight for the rights of convicted pedophiles saying they have rights(whilst the children have a life sentence of angst/sorrow)whilst in the following breath getting drink drive charges laid against themselves?????

The best one I recently saw/heard was the governments stand on tackling kids obesity.They did a study saying all kids should exercise for 3 hours a day then I read in the paper they are releasing an ABC kids 3 television station.(remember ABC is government station).They don't know whether they are Arthur or Martha.Lets get the kids outside but encourage them to sit and watch a tv station devoted to kids.It just doesn't show any foresight.

Sorry about the ranting but I think sometimes the Screaming Jets got it right when they named their album" World Gone Crazy" :dry:


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