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looks like i missed out on this 1 :(


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so saw this in the autobuyersguide .

was to busy at work to ring and figured it would be snapped up quick.

just out of curiosity i rang today .

dammit fuck it bugger and so on.

it want to a mechanic to get the water pump done and they taking it.

so looked like there was no internist and it was just sitting there waiting .

so spewing .

rang every boat mechanic it the area he said it was at ,and couldn't find it .

all i can do now it get in contact with him again which i have been trying.

find out where it definably is and try to work some deals between the 2 to see if i can get my way .

he got a car i mite have internist in so .will inquire about that and if its ok.will lean on him if he wants the sale get the boat back and make it a package deal ,or i walk .


it was the right price i reckon under 6

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Davo... Its a glass half cab, about 5.2m long, has a 60hp Mariner outboard on it. Is displayed with camper covers on it, and looks like $6900 but has been there for a while, so could be a bit flexible.

Is on Albion Street Coalfalls, so come through Ipswich and head out to Brassall. Just before you cross the bridge its on the left hand side.

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