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pictures of the boats i grew up on .


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well i couldn't find how to do a photo album thing .

so thought i would just do this .

was going through mum and dad's pictures .

blast from the past .:)

it was good i remember good days camping fishing boating etc .

first boat i remember was a 15 foot bonwood open boat.

so this the the second boat i remember .

15 foot half cab,build local at Cleveland i think.


this pic is in horseshoe bay at peel island.

moya was her name , meaning mine in polish.

dad's pride and joy.first new boat ,got a 2 year old motor for her.


won't see us kids in it back in them day we had to stay in the cab while traveling .

think i was about 5 ,middle bro 2 ,baby bro newborn.

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next boat .

the cruise craft explorer .19 foot.

also bought new with new motors and accessories.

2 x 70 evinrude's on the bum .


this would have to be the old mans fav boat .think all us kids reckon it was the best 1 too.

its so new in this pic .its first water test ,before payment .

pic at peel island also.


u can see i'm still just a little fella.in my blue dt's .dam the stuff mum made kids wear in the 80's.

this pic is platypus wreck, peel island ,can't remember the name of the bay.

but remember getting a stonker of a eel of the old rock jetty there.

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now for the big tub .

a 31foot, mariner with twin v8 petrol motors ,was still under charter .


can't say i really liked this boat much .it was ok.

used to get sick of being stuck on board .

would run all over the boat playing tiggy with my bro's .

jump off the fly bridge .play sink the tender and so on.


every1 helped clean and new anti foul on it ,even the kids.

poor young davo working his butt off so he can get back on the water.

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this is the last boat he had before the 1 he has now .

the hanies

he got it off a bloke he knew .

the bloke used it to transport all the stuff to build a house at kooringal.

she was in a very average way.

rebuild time and a rebuild on the motors to 200 hp.


by this time i had been a decky for a few year.

couldn't find a pic of it on the go ,but this bugger moved .

it was a nice tub ,big fast and fun.


bad points ,a bugger to tow about .luved the fuel.and bit narrow gutter for 24 foot ,but at least it could still go on a trailer and be stored at home .

bit of history on this boat .

the hull was channel 7 off shore racer .

it had 3 merc's on the bum for the race ,it blew 1 in the race.

it got sold with the 2 mrec's to rod ,the guy dad bought it off.

both the mrec's died on him and he put the evinrudes on it .

got some pics from when it raced but couldn't find them .

have a few other boats little tinnys 10 to 15 foot and so on.

but they don't really count compared to the bigger tubs

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here just a few random pic i found from the years out in the bay.


us kids with a feed of flathead :)

think i fished better as a kid.


a feed of spanner crabs ,get them off Morton .outside .they on the old toboggan board /table .good days back then camped at the big sand hills on Morton.just 1 huge camp .people take turns catching a feed .:)


cherry venture back in 81 .

still had paint on .used to play on it as a kid .

see they had all ready been cutting it getting steel off it.

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well thats a little trip through the past .

dam good days i reckon.

didn't have a computer or game machine (atri).as a kid.

but didn't care what more could we want as a kids .

playing ,swimming ,fishing at the beaches .

exploring the old ships and wrecks and old houses and huts and forts .

dam good way to grow up i reckon .great memory's :)

one of the pic's i looked at i was the old steel telegraph poles in the water at Morton.

hope u guys like the pic's and story .

i been takeing my kids 4x4 and camping .

but i'm still working on a boat big enough .

that way the get to experience what i did as a kid .:)

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That is a great read Davo. Some really good times were had as a kid boating and fishing too mate! Australia really is the luckiest place in the world. I have beeb living in London for nearly 2 yeears now and I was just recently back for 10 days and I can't to move back at the end of december now! I miss the lifestyle something cronic! Can't wait to go camping up the coast and be back on the water! 7 weeks to go! :woohoo:

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don't know mick ,i'll ask .

the hilux was 79 ,so that prob the first trip up there.

but i know dad and his mates u to fish up the before then .

he told me story's about how they dug it out and on a king tide went to tug it out ,and how people lived on it .

i was born in 73 same year it got washed ashore.

all i can remember about it .

it was still fairly complete went i was up there as a kid .

me and my bro's used to climb up on it and play on the upper deck.

last time i remember playing on it would have been late 80's and it was getting pretty rusty by then .we had to jump over big holes and u could see down to the bottom and the water was in it at high tide .

old man got a got a cruiser in 86.

can't remember play on it anymore then to rusty.

did stop there as we used to run up the beach to Frazer.

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