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Fishing in Melbourne


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G'day all,

So down here in the city-of-four-seasons-in-1-day with AFO member/lurker RooAvery and my brother (Danny) for work. Got work done today by about 1pm, beers and lunch done by 3, so it was time to go fishing :)

Hit the Yarra a short walk away from the hotel. Walked through the botanic gardens to get to the river bank and rigged up at the bank. The first 30 minutes were a little uneventful, I had a tt-switchblade, RooAvery on placcies (some sort of hollow belly)and Danny on a 3" squidgie wriggler in blood red. Danny and RA stayed at one spot while I kept walking an extra 100m. I hear a "henry!!!" and Danny's got a fish up and is taking a pic. Awesome :D

I keep casting for a bit and then make my way back to find out he'd caught another but it fell back in before he could get a pic. Apparently that one was around 30cm.

I tie on an sx-40 after hearing that both fish have been caught hard up against the rocks. So a couple of casts parallel to the bank later, boom :D Got this baby B) :silly: 24102009258_AFO.jpg

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