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KFC 24/10/09


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Accompanied by ever cheerful/efficient decky Brian Dawson launched at around 6am after getting bogged in the soft stuff on edge of water.

The water level has dropped around 4 to 5 feet since I was there last.

Tried a few spots where we watched the locals pulling them in but nothing for us so we decided to troll for a while and 4 of Brians lures later gave that idea up also.

We went to another spot where i had got some fish in the past.

I caught 3 banded grunter and Brian got 4 tandanus. He also amused us by teasing a small water dragon by flicking a couple of surface poppers near it and quickly flicking the lure away just as it was about to pounce on it.

Back to the ramp for the weigh in, a couple of coldys and a natter.

Best yella went 2.9kgs. I missed getting a photo.

Best tandanus went 2.1 kg.

Best bass 400 gramms.

A lot of big tandanus weighed in.

Nice relaxing day with perfect conditions just a long drive.


Ray PA240002_AFO.jpg

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Only one of them was using lures and donut result.

Garden worms. blueclaw,shrimp and salt water yabbys are bait of choice.A lot of them pick a sloping bank and anchor up about 30 feet out and cast to bank. Prime target are tandanus everything else is bycatch.

Only saw one angler release his fish after weigh in.



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Took my daughter with me for a bit of a paddle, but did not seriously fish, although the pelicans were cleaning up on the Tandanus, and the gar fish are back, I did not have the gear and bait for them, so just a quick paddle about the lake before the meeting.

I must say Les Walton is doing great things with the club, nothing huge, but just good management and steady promotion to the right people. We signed up quite a few members yesterday, we now have something like 53 financial members.

In the firtst photo, the car and trailer are parked on the edge of where the water was a week ago, the stump was about a foot underwater.


The ramp was a bit soft, glad I took the yaks instead of the boat!


Out on the lake.



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