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Hinterland Bass


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After fishing with Ray friday morning I had to slip down the highway a bit for an overnight stay at the sons farm. Friday arvo I hit the creek on his property to see if the water had warmed up yet to start the bass on their surface striking mission. Water was still cold as it comes down from up in the mountains. My 1st bass was on a sx40 it came out from behind a snag and nailed the lure and the fight was on, it went from one side of the creek to the other back and forth until I could get it under control, I didnt put it on the brag mat but it would of gone close to giving Ray's spangle from the morning session a run for the money :laugh: It was somewhere between 12 and 15 cm.

I moved down the creek a bit and run into my old enemy the red and white carp, I put a cast over the top of him with the sx40 and as it came over him the hooks dug in and this time it was realy on, it jumped in the air and done a 360 the shock was nearly to much for me. I had a quick dose of reality when this monster took off with my sx40, lucky for me the hooks pulled before the line broke. I then went back to the previous snag and caught the same little bass again, or his twin brother. I also seen what looked like a platapus with a fish in its bill fly up out of the water and crash back down again. What did you put in my coffee Ray :S

Fish while you can


Little bass with killer instinct hinter23_10_001.JPG

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