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Albert quick fish


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Yesterday went for a fish down the Albert. Arrived there around 10.30, considered a bit late but hey, either go fishing or do nothing! Tried some of my usual spots to no avail, water a bit on the shallow side and the sun being up didnt help, not many areas of shade.

Found a new spot after a bit of hiking that was pretty deep and snags a plenty. Tried with my army green atomic and it received no interest at all. Switched to a minmin i think thats what it is called and instantly got nailed on the first cast. A small bass of about 20cm. a few more casts with nothing so went for a walk little further up and after trekking through the amazon found a nice tight spot that was castable. A fishy snag and BAM, on to a 25cm bass. Next cast in the same spot and again I get nailed, this one slightly bigger at 26cm.

Kept working the same area and after about the 20th cast I get smashed onto a horse of some description, I didnt have time to even lift the rod, it took the lure and peeled off about 2 metres of line before the hooks pulled through, very disappointing!

I managed to get another bass from the same area and it went 29cm, some happy snaps on the phone and off she went in the water again. Did some more trekking in a few other spots, very scenic but too late in the day for action, sun was too high up! I will get pics up when I find my cord for the phone!!

Its been my best action on the albert with lures to date, the MInmin did the most of the damage. Its the one with the black on top, yellow and orange underneath.

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