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Cressbrook 25/10/09


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slept in (woops) and ended up on the water around 10, few boats coming in that had been out since 7 all with no luck, i launched in a rush trying to get in inbetween boats coming in and forgot the bungs :blush: quick lean over the side and flick the bilge pump on sorted that one out :laugh: :laugh:

shot straight up around to the right past the pump tower and did a few drifts down that passage, few dozen snub nozed gar on 1" atomic curl tail grubs, few BIG hits but kept losing the tails and not hooking up :(

the water was fairly clear (as far as dam water is concerned) so flicked a darker SX40 along some weed banks (colour 339 i think) and some more gar and a few more big hits with no hookups :angry:, threw around a frenzy lipless crank and a R2S deep diving minnow with not a touch. with all the flies around due to the dead roo up the bank i decided to do a troll around to the other arm, all of a sudden there was line tearing off my little daiwa :woohoo: , fought the "fish" for 5 minutes, it even took a few big runs ! then i saw my leader knot and ...... a spinnerbait ?

some poor bloke had tangled his line around his prop and was busy fixing that while i trolled past and picked up the end of his line 60 odd meters away, we both had a chuckle as i helped him untangle it.

all in all, nothing too huge or exciting but nice to be out in the sun B)

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